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Here at NextHome White Sands, we are passionate about bringing our 25 year local market experience, along with cutting edge technology into the home buyer & selling process to empower our clients.

In today’s real estate sector, your access to high-quality information & resources will enable you to thrive in the buying & selling process.

If you currently own a property, this site contains pertinent information regarding preparing your home for sale, selecting an agent, pricing appropriately, marketing effectively, the inspection process & monthly activity reports.

NextHome White Sands is an exceptional platform serving the Emerald Coast from Pensacola to Panama City.  Our teams are made up of highly experienced individuals with immersed knowledge acquired over several years of experience in the real estate market.

From the listing or buyer process; we have experts in every field that are ready to skillfully guide you from beginning to end.

We appreciate you taking the time to read this information & would be honored to assist you whether you’re a first time buyer or a little more seasoned.  We look forward to hearing from you.

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